Arbitration & Independent Expert Appointments

Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Andrew Clark, one of our Directors, receives a significant number of Arbitration and Independent Expert appointments and is generally appointed either by the President of the RICS or the parties by agreement.

Whereas historically the majority of these cases were rent review disputes, an increasing number are now related to lease renewals where the rent is not agreed but the other terms of the lease are, and also overage and land value disputes.

These can on occasions require advice to be obtained from a Barrister on disputes as to the interpretation of clauses within either the lease or the overage agreement.

A recent case involving a large development site on the M1 was eventually settled by agreement and the respective parties were highly complimentary of Mr Clark.

Lawyers for the landowner commented :

“Thank you, Mr Clark for your professional approach to this matter”.

A Director of the developer commented :

“Thank you for the manner in which the Arbitration was managed”