Lease Advisory

We have experience of acting for both landlords and tenants in all aspects of Lease Advisory work.

With our extensive knowledge of market conditions we advise clients in respect of rent reviews to ensure that the rent payable under the terms of the lease reflects market value. This can be complex as very often the lease terms themselves can have an impact on the level of rent that should be paid.

We work with clients and their legal advisors in respect of lease renewals to ensure that correct Notices are served at the appropriate time and to negotiate new lease terms in accordance with market conditions.

We also adopt a pro-active approach to tactical lease renewals. Sometimes, it can be of advantage to a landlord or tenant to surrender a lease early and negotiate new terms with the tenant often being able to achieve a better rental deal whilst increasing the capital value of the landlords property at the same time.

Break clauses are now more common and it is important that clients are advised correctly on the timing of any Notices and any conditions which might apply.

We also provide Schedules of Condition at the commencement of a lease and negotiate Schedules of Dilapidations at lease expiry.