Barclays Bank Valuation Panel Appointment

Published on Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Our membership of the Barclays Bank Valuation Panel has recently been renewed for a further three year term, which we are pleased to confirm.

Our other panel appointments include RBS/NatWest Bank, Handelsbanken and VAS Panel.

We provide coverage throughout East and North Yorkshire and the majority of Lincolnshire, which is the area we can comfortably cover from our Hessle based office.

Valuation instructions continue to be received at a high level, not only for secured lending but for Pension Fund/SIPP, taxation including Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax, together with expert witness reports for valuation disputes.

Colleagues Emma Bennett and Simon Weightman are Registered Valuers with Simon providing medical property expertise. Simon has specialised in this sector for many years and is a member of the RICS Presidents Panel of Experts for valuation and rent review disputes in this sector.